Using advanced light microscopies, we aim to develop new techniques for image analysis of cell motility and molecular signals. In collaboration with other iCeMS laboratories, we also seek to develop nano-fabrication techniques for reconstruction of the chemical and mechanical environment in tissues with the desired topographies, by using fibers, sheets, and gels. The following list is a part of our ongoing research activities.

  • Traction force microscopy of migrating neurons
  • Identification of cytoskeletal organization in neurons by super-resolution microscopy
  • Reconstruction of 3D cell architectures of the brain using artificial scaffolds
  • Gene-switching using gold nano-rods



  • ニューロン移動の牽引力顕微鏡解析
  • ニューロン細胞骨格の超解像顕微鏡解析
  • 人工スキャフォールドを用いた脳皮質のin vitro再構築
  • 金ナノロッドを用いた遺伝子発現制御


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